9 Dec 2015


My year in 2015 has been a busy one. My partner Kirk and I moved from Perth in December 2014 and in January found ourselves happily ensconced in Warragul, Victoria with our much loved pet Koda. It was a big move for us and we looked forward to the year ahead – settling in, exploring our new surroundings and meeting the locals.

I also started my final year to complete my Bachelor in Exercise Sport Science and Rehabilitation at Deakin University as an exchange student from Curtin University in Perth.

It was great to meet a whole new team of lecturers and tutors for the final stage of my degree.

At the same time I began locum work in the bayside suburb of Seaford at Beachbox Physiotherapy, which then lead to work with the Southern District Rugby Club, which in turn provided great experience dealing with some injuries I had never seen before.

Starting my own practice has always been my dream but I have always wanted to wait until the time was just right. As I began to see Warragul as my forever home, I thought now was the best time and so LW Sports Therapy was born.

I began volunteer work at Warragul Football and Netball Club where I met some great people who welcomed me straight away making me feel apart of the team. Haygar, who has been apart of the club for many years, was helpful in showing me the ropes. I had a great time during the season and can’t wait to see the teams for next year.

In October I completed my studies from Curtin University. (Whew! Wipe my sweaty brow!) Once I graduate, I can apply to be described as ‘Exercise Scientist’, and my new degree extends my existing soft tissue injury skills – Remedial Massage Therapist – into ‘Sports Rehabilitation’.

As both my qualifications compliment each other perfectly, that is, relieving pain and discomfort, and channeling my and my patients efforts into building strength and better posture in order to prevent further injury or the same pain returning, I am well placed to treat my new community with a high level of skill. It was a big achievement to finish a degree 4 years in the making but I learnt loads and cannot wait for the next challenge.

Lastly, Kirk and I bought our first house in Warragul and we moved in last weekend. So… looks like we will be staying here for the foreseeable future and I can’t wait to get to know more people, develop LW Sports Therapy and explore my new home.


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