2015 Soft tissue congress

15 Dec 2015



Soft Tissue Congress 2015 was by far the best professional development course I have ever done. The promise of a jam-packed day was enough reason to start the day with a double shot latte!

The congress had an unsurpassed level of professionalism and included 5 speakers over 5 hours!

Dr. Carl Ridgeway who is an Osteopath and lecturer at RMIT and Melbourne Institute of Massage Therapy (MIMT) was the first speaker of the day. He told us all about the foot and ankle. I have always had a crush on the podiatry industry, as foot and ankle problems can manifest all the way up to present as lower back pain. The gems I took away from Dr. Carl’s talk was two particular techniques that I’d never seen before and overall confirming the importance of foot mechanics and gait analysis (how you walk!).

Next, Michael Standborough presented the ‘Screw Home’ for the knee. Michael is very well known in the field of Myotherapy and massage as a presenter and author as well as his work with myofascial release and brought the latest science behind dry needling. Microbiology might not get everyone excited but I was on the edge of my seat learning about how fibroblasts change with needling. (sad – I know.)

Paula Nutting, an international presenter, board director for AAMT (Aus Association of Massage Therapists), lecturer, nurse and all-round informative teacher. She talked about the importance of lower back and overall core strength. Treating the neck to relieve stiffness in the back seems far-fetched but it illustrates how the whole body links together. Paula has a huge list of YouTube videos demonstrating her techniques, ideas and stretches. I always admire someone who wants to share their knowledge with the world.

Deborah Pascoe, the presenter I most closely identified with, is a blend of exercise physiology and remedial massage therapy. She has a PhD and lecturers in the degree I just finished and the Masters degree I plan to do, so I really wanted to take in every word. She talked about shoulder and rotator cuff techniques and assessments.

Last speaker of the day was by far my favourite. Paul Taylor has a list of qualifications including Royal Navy Aircrew Officer, British Naval Officer, Nutritionist, Exercise Physiologist, Professor in Neuroscience – the list goes on and on!

Paul spoke about stress and peoples’ responses to stress. Referring to research from all over the world, he spoke about the psychology behind stress response and how every person in modern society gets stressed from emails, daily nuances and things that really don’t matter all that much. The key to handling those stressors is to step back and say ‘is it really that bad?’

His message seemed like the simplest of all but with the biggest picture to consider.

Overall, the day was very big and had much valuable information offered up. I know that what I learnt will stay with me throughout my career.


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