2016- A big year already

24 Feb 2016

2016- A big year already!


2016 has barely begun but so much is on the table already.

Just last week I officially graduated from Curtin University in WA with my Bachelor in Science (Exercise & Sport Science). I proudly walked across the stage with the grace and elegance of a beauty queen.

I was so proud to bring my Nan and my parents all the way to Perth to see me graduate. I was so excited seeing my all my lecturers and to be able to give them updates about my new life in Warragul. There is a huge self satisfaction about standing there receiving a bit of paper in front of the special people in your life. Even just standing side stage I said to myself ‘I did it!’ Thinking back about the many set backs, hard times, sleepless nights and an amount of coffee that would fill an ocean! All wrapped up in that bit of paper it can be overwhelming if you think about it too much. I am already planning to go back for more, which is crazy! But just talking to other friends about their plans and aspirations. Its hard to sit still, so I’m already researching postgraduate and online courses.

As you may notice in the pictures I am a little bit rounder than normal, and I might mention that I am 7 months pregnant!
I am due at the end of April and we couldn’t be more excited for the next stage in our lives. So I will be takin10262032_10154261885860995_685439517905668338_ng some time away from work to be a MUM!
Though, I will be keeping active online and writing blogs in the meantime as I am unlikely to stop everything, I’m just not that type of person. Appointments and treatments will have to wait till I physically recover and also manage my time. So watch this space!

Pregnancy has been kind to me, I have kept active and healthy. Still long walks with Koda the wonder dog, working out at the gym, The Obstetrician said I was ‘so healthy its boring‘, I know thats not everyones case thats why I appreciate this healthy pregnancy so much. Trust me there are times when I am over it, tired and achey. But overall I have been cruising through it. 

So while I take some much needed time off for maternity leave and my new role in life. It will be a great adventure and my hardest job yet. Wish me luck!


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