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Lauren Whelan

I have always loved working with people to problem solve complicated issues, tailor a rehab program and treat the individual. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing somebody achieve a goal that I help made possible. whether running a marathon or getting back to work.
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“I have always had a keen interest in the human body, movement and keeping people active. With extensive experience as a performer and coach of gymnastics and calisthenics, I have educated and mentored other coaches in these areas. My current personal interests include swimming, Muay Thai boxing, cross-fit and gym.

”Whilst studying and working over the last seven years, I have continuously striven to provide the best health care service I can. I bring experience from a range of top-level physiotherapy clinics in both Melbourne and Perth and have worked in remote Southern India, developing sports programs for school children with and without disabilities through Curtin University. I have worked with elite gymnasts, professional circus performers, dancers, rugby players, AFL, cyclists, swimmers and runners. From the keen amateur to the professional, Lauren I always cater to the individual.

“I am pleased and excited to be bringing my skills and experience to Warragul
where I am keen to contribute to the health and well being of my new community.”


Lauren Says...

Everyone deserves pain free movement and a healthy active lifestyle.